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🎁Hot Sale ⏳Angle Grinder & Electric Drill Cutting Stand

🎁Hot Sale ⏳Angle Grinder & Electric Drill Cutting Stand

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Transform your Angle Grinder or Electric Drill into a Cutting Machine!

Maximize your cutting precision and efficiency!



MULTI-ANGLE CLAMPING - With a clamping range of 0° to 45°for the items to be cut, this stand offers versatility for various cutting tasks.

STABLE & PRECISE CUTTING - The iron base provides a solid foundation, minimizing vibration and ensuring smooth and precise cuts.

SECURE GRIP - It features premium clamping mechanisms to securely hold your angle grinder and the item to be cut in place, preventing slippage and displacement during operation.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Crafted from iron and aluminum alloy, this stand will not out of shape and can withstand heavy-duty use in demanding work environments.


Body material: aluminum alloy

Base: cast iron

Clamping width: 0°(up to 65mm), 45°(up to 10mm)

Cutting depth: 30mm

Product weight: 2.08KG

Compatibility: most angle grinders and electric drills in the market


Angle Grinder Stand * 1


For best results, always wear appropriate safety gear.

Ensure the cutting stand is securely mounted on a stable surface.

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🎁Hot Sale ⏳Angle Grinder & Electric Drill Cutting Stand